Badass Ford F-350 Super Duty Build Tackles Moab (Video)

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Lifted custom Ford truck plays in the land of Jeep Wranglers.

They call it Easter Jeep Safari for a reason. The annual event draws Jeep vehicles from all over the country, many of them lifted, armored, and otherwise upgraded to the utmost degree. Jeep itself uses the gathering as a showcase of its wild, one-off concepts that pay homage to past models and give attendees an idea of how current Jeeps can be customized. Luckily, Moab is a big enough place to fit all of those Jeeps and full-size trucks, such as this Ford F-350 Super Duty worked over by Fab Fours.

Rigs the size of the Super Duty can be a mixed bag when it comes to serious off-roading. On one hand, their enormous dimensions make them a handful to maneuver through sections lined with tree limbs and rocky outcroppings that will scrape and gouge them. On the other hand, many of them come from the factory with diesel power. Fab Fours picked a sweet spot in the Super Duty lineup, going small on size and big on power. They chose a single-cab F-350 with the mighty 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V8. Fab Fours Ford F-350 Super Duty Project Daylighter

Of course, Fab Fours added its own touches, turning the Super Duty into a flexing, articulating display of its products that it calls Project Daylighter. Up front, there’s Fab Four’s grille and bumper combo whose individual pieces can be painted to suit customer tastes. As company CEO Greg Higgs explains, the design was intended to make people wonder which brand of truck was hidden behind the cosmetic add-ons. The grille kit does a good job of masking the F-350’s identity, but one look at the headlights makes it clear that Project Daylighter is still a Ford.

Up top, Fab Fours added its cowl piece. Higgs is refreshingly honest about it. He admits it’s a polarizing addition and says it was designed to look cool first and provide shade second.

To enable it to get over rocks and challenging trails, Fab Fours outfitted Project Daylighter with its open fender system that can accommodate up to 40 inches of rubber, then bolted on 24-inch wheels wrapped in – you guessed it – 40-inch tires. Thanks to the open fenders, Fab Fours didn’t need to lift the F-350, but where’s the fun in that? They jacked it up by eight inches anyway because Moab.

If the round KC lights on top of the headache rack look a little familiar, it’s not an accident. Higgs mentions his company’s build has some DNA from Marty McFly’s dream Toyota truck in “Back to the Future.”

The future is exactly when you’ll see the 24-inch wheels in the video at SEMA. Higgs plans on having them on display at the big show later this year.

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