Post Malone’s Outrageous Ford Explorer ‘Water Splash Mobile’

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Rapper Post Malone gets a tricked-out Ford Explorer from West Coast Customs.

When rappers hit the big time, they like to show off their newfound wealth with equally new luxury cars and SUVs. Texas rapper Post Malone did things a little differently, purchasing this first-generation Ford Explorer and sending it to West Coast Customs to be transformed into the “Water Splash Mobile.”

This blinged-out Explorer is riding on 26″ wheels with low-profile tires, and has been fitted with scissor doors. The white and teal paint looks suitably retro and suits the truck well, while the custom billet grille featuring the rapper’s name reminds us of a two-dimensional version of the Ford Bronco concept’s grille.

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Inside, the truck features a massive stereo installation, while side steps make entering and exiting the truck much easier, given its slightly lifted stance on those 26s. According to sources, Post Malone spent only $1700 on the truck itself, but paid West Coast Customs nearly $75,000 to transform it into its dream machine.

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