F-350 Brodozer Goes Down a Little Too Hard (Video)

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This off-road fail video has teachable moments for all of us!

Much like the wannabe street racer scene in the late ’90s, today’s trend towards lifted, blinged-out brodozers is all about style, with function as an afterthought. For the most part, tough, your average lifted Ford diesel riding on tall tires might be perfectly capable off-road — even if the owner isn’t.

So what happens when these mall-crawlers and their hapless owners venture off-road and risk scratching their shiny paint and chrome? In this YouTube video by joe coron, a lot happens in twelve seconds. So let’s break it down.

A typically big-tired F-350 with cut fenders and what appears to be bolt-on flares is attempting to crest a hill. When the front wheels drop off the other side, the frame digs into the soft dirt, but the almighty Power Stroke allows the driver to dig himself back out. That creates a whole new set of problems, since the F-350 is now facing downward on the other side of the hill at a very steep angle. Momentum takes its course, and the truck slides rapidly down the hill until it…

Let’s just say that we can hear bystanders laugh extremely loud and clear after that. So, does that give you an idea of how this hilly excursion wrapped up? If you’re looking to try off-roading for yourself, take it slow, be careful, and plan ahead. Barring that… always, always, always make sure someone is filming. And for the love of Henry Ford, please film in landscape mode!

Do you have any embarrassing off-roading stories?

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