Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Big Bronco Kills Old Rubber

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Bronco Goes ‘Round and Tire Goes Pop!

This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video features a modified Ford Bronco doing rolling burnouts in an effort to finish off an old set of tires. Because as we Ford Truck Enthusiasts know, there’s no such thing as just “throwing them away.”

The details are short, but the comments indicate that this big ‘ol Bronco is powered by a modified Ford motor. According to 911 Motorsports, it’s a 460 big-block V8 with 10:1 compression ratio, and somewhere in the area of 500-horsepower and 500-lb-ft of torque. We also know that this Bronco has a 4.10 rear gear with a locking 14-bolt differential. In addition, we would guess that its equipped with aftermarket headers based on the throaty sound. A sound that we all approve of, don’t we?

This classic Ford Bronco is hardly built to do burnouts. But thanks to the powerful big-block V8 and steep gears, this old school SUV doesn’t have a problem smoking the tires as the driver whips the vehicle around.


As the black Bronco spins around one can hear the transmission keep shifting into a higher gear, which makes it extra-hard to keep the tires spinning. Therefore, it forces the truck forward rather around, as the driver desires. Once can witness the driver try really hard to keep the donuts consistent, but things aren’t in his favor. As a result, the amount of dust on the ground hampers the tire smoke effect.

Eventually the Bronco rolls to a stop and the cameraman approaches the driver’s side, only to witness tire carnage. The right rear tire can be seen coming completely apart. Then again, that was the goal, no? The cameraman clears out and the driver does one more burnout, blowing the tire with a dramatic pop!

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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