Never Locked Out Hitch Safe

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Have you ever locked yourself out of your truck or car? Or gone to the beach
and been stuck carrying around a set of keys? Ever been jogging or
gone to the park or just been somewhere that you just wish you didn’t
have to lug around your keys? Let me introduce you to,
whose handy product I installed on my truck.

Locking yourself out of your car/truck causes sheer panic
in some people. I did it recently and between stressing out about being
late for work, the less than a drop of spit left in my gas tank and waiting
on AAA to show up inside of a day left me thinking ok, smashing the window
really isn’t that bad an idea. Not to mention the sheer embarrassment
of it all.

This new product solves all that. Honestly, when I received it I thought,
“hmm why not just a hide a key”? Read on and I will tell you why.

The answer is security, plain and simple, security. Any of us can go and
buy a hide a key but do you feel real comfortable off-roading with a $3
magnet holding your hide-a- key? This product is so much more than a hide a
key, its about security and comfort in knowing that my keys, money
and even my cell phone can be locked away without the worries of a
flim flam hide-a- key letting me down.

Total time to install the product is about 5 minutes.

First I set my personal top secret code.

The I use a flat head screwdriver is to turn the set screw clockwise which allows you to create your
code. Once done you simply return the screw to its upright position.

Next, slide the inner box into the hitch.

Insert the locking stud (one per side).

Pushing in the locking slider on each side.

Last, I slide in the safe box with my secret stash”¦of money (from my better half).

Before the safe install….

…after the install (with rubber cover installed).

All in all a great
product that provides peace of mind and security.

-Jay Boland

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