Tire Smoking’ Tuesday: Someone Explain What the Hell Is Happening

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A Ford F-150 owner destroys old tires while a stripper-looking dude rides a broom in the back.

That first sentence might seem a little strange, and that’s because it is. This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video is a little strange, featuring an eleventh generation Ford F-150 doing a pretty good burnout. Oh, and there’s a nearly naked guy wearing a Speedo and riding a broom in the bed of the truck.

This video comes to us from TheBellLife YouTube channel, which features two very muscular men named Trey and “Dumb Dumb” doing, well, dumb things. They pee on a bug zapper, they hit each other with a police taser, they eat all sorts of odd things, and they play various pranks on their friends. But in this video, they do a burnout with a new-to-them Ford F-150.

After Trey explains that he will be installing new wheels and tires on this F-150, thus giving him a reason to destroy the old ones, he also explains that “Dumb Dumb” wants to “ride in the back.” Lots of burnout videos feature someone hanging out in the bed, but not quite like this.

Do we need to say more?

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