Ford F-150 Is the Best-Selling Vehicle in Texas

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Ford’s market dominance comes from hard work, and relentless innovation in the segment.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes sales statistics. Like 22 other states, the Ford F-150 was the best-selling vehicle for 2016 in the Lone Star State. Even better, sales picked up 5% from 2015.

The Ford F-Series has been American’s best-selling line of pickups for the past 40 years, and the best-selling vehicle overall for 35. Maintaining that sort of dominance in the marketplace is impressive, but seeing growth year-over-year is even more incredible.


Ford owes a lot of its success with the F-150 to continued innovation, without losing sight of what makes the truck so great in the first place. Ford trucks have seen a lot of modernizing lately, including the EcoBoost engine and the aluminum body.

These innovations don’t detract from the truck’s rugged durability, yet they help F-150 owners enjoy a more economical package in the face of rising fuel prices, and increased fuel economy regulations. In addition, features like Ford SYNC make the cabin a much nicer place to spend the day. Ford understands more and more, that truck customers are using their pickups as daily commuters, and they’ve worked hard to improve build quality, ergonomics, and material quality throughout.


Incidentally, making the truck more comfortable hasn’t made it any less tough, or useful for folks who need workhorses — but quite the opposite. Recent improvements have made their workday much, much easier, and better build quality translates to longer-lasting trucks. It’s a win-win!

Ford is also committed to passenger safety, ensuring that this generation of Ford truck fans will be around to enjoy the next generation of Blue Oval trucks. High-tech safety features like radar-based collision avoidance will make their way onto the next generation of trucks.

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