Ford Raptor Takes on… a Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

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When you have no competition, you have to make some. So here’s a Ford Raptor taking on a Dodge Hellcat.

It’s often said that the Ford Raptor has no peers, and that may be true. That being said, automotive journalists live and die by comparison tests, so we had to find something to compare the Raptor against. But, what could that be? Surely it had to have gobs of power and flair unlike any other.

Our colleagues at Motor Authority came up with a solution – they decided to pit a Ford Raptor against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. But, instead of drag racing them or taking them on an off-road course (that’s what we really wanted to see), they conjured up a unique-and-somewhat-fair manner to judge both competitors. A race up Sugar Hill Mountain in Colorado.

Ford Raptor vs. Dodge Hellcat

As you would imagine, the Hellcat took the smooth and paved route to the top. Meanwhile, the Raptor traveled a shorter distance, but traversed a tricky off-road trail.

Despite the many doubts of the Hellcat driver, the Raptor ate up the mountain trail like a World’s Strongest Man competitor devours a plate of steak and eggs. The truck might have been designed for Baja, but like they say: : “If it fits, it ships.”

Who will win?

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