Ford F-250 Lends a Hand to a Stuck F-150

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two ford trucks mud

This week’s Muddy video features a Ford F-150 out playing in some deep mud and when it gets stuck, a slightly newer Ford F-250 comes along with a tow rope to save the day.

We don’t know anything about either of these Ford pickups, but the video begins with a 70s era F-150 digging its way through some deep mud. At first, it looks like the old F-150 might not be able to get up onto drier land, but after some 30 seconds of mudslinging – the big, red Ford gets out of the slop.

The video then cuts to another scene where the 70s F-150 is buried in deep mud, with a Ford F-250 hooking up to give the older truck a pull. Fortunately, a good hard yank was enough to get the F-150 moving and in the process, both trucks got muddy.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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