Ford Recalls 13 F-650s for Issues, Plus Fusion and Milan

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F-650/F-750 at Ohio Assembly Plant

Earlier today Ford announced that a few of their vehicles were going to be recalled and need to head back to the dealer. Two groups of vehicles were recalled, including the 2010-2011 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, plus 13 Ford F-650s. Yes, 13.

Starting with the F-650, 13 of the trucks built between July 29th and September 3rd might have an issue with the steering column.┬áThe automatic transmission’s park mechanism might fracture if the vehicle is parked on a grade, causing unintended vehicle movement. In layman’s terms, the vehicle might roll down a hill.

The 13 trucks affected where built at the Ohio Assembly Plant outside of Cleveland.

As for the Fusions and Milans, 450,000 of those will be coming back due to a fuel tank purge valve that might not work properly. The purge valve helps maintain pressure in the fuel tank, and one that doesn’t work properly can obviously cause issues.

No fires or injuries have been reported as part of the defect.

If you have an affected vehicle, you can contact your local Ford dealership for more information and repair, or Ford will notify you by mail on what you need to do.

Do you have one of the affected vehicles? Let us know over in the forums!

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