The Ford GT40 That Won Le Mans in 1966 is Getting Resurrected

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These days, if champion athletes invest wisely and control their spending, they can lead long post-career lives of privilege and luxury. Race-winning cars, on the other hand, don’t get to decide how to live out the rest of their days, no matter how many checkered flags they’ve had waved at them.

For instance, look at Ford GT40 chassis number P/1046. It defeated Ferrari to win the Le Mans endurance race in 1966. Instead of being lovingly preserved in a museum somewhere to be worshipped by racing fans, it was subsequently used as a transmission test mule, wrecked at Daytona, and turned into a street car.


Luckily, RK Motors in Charlotte, North Carolina has a more honorable retirement plan in mind for this motorsports legend. Since early last year, it’s been repairing, replacing, or refinishing every fiberglass body panel and every nut and bolt of P/1046 in an effort to ready it for showing at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance. It’s been stripped down to its monocoque chassis, which has received a fresh coat of period-correct green zinc chromate primer. All new parts are being checked against photos of the hardware in the GT40 back in 1966. They’re even being copied from original pieces to keep thicknesses and weights accurate.

Let’s hope that, if the next Ford GT racecar wins Le Mans, it will lead an easier life than P/1046 once did after its racing career is over.

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