Muddy Monday Presented by Yokohama

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Watch this Ford Bronco II storm through the slop with the greatest of ease.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a Ford Bronco II playing in the mud in Howell, Michigan. We don’t know the details of this lifted compact SUV, but it’s clear that this Bronco II has been built for mudding. The wheelbase is longer than on the factory Bronco II, and so are the massive mud tires on tiny wheels. Obviously, there is a serious suspension setup attached to a built chassis.

Oddly enough, this Ford is missing a front grille, but as it heads away from us we can see that the radiator is mounted in the rear along with a pair of fans. That means this SUV doesn’t need airflow up front – also protecting the cooling system from getting clogged up when storming through the mud. There is a V8 under the hood, which is considerably more powerful than any engine offered by the Ford dealership at the time.


The SUV dubbed “Bucky the Bronco 2” powers through the mud, getting closer to the cameraman as it progresses through the pit. For this event, this portion of the Perkins Mud Bog looks to be shallow, thick mud, allowing the trucks to build big speed.


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