POLL: Gas or Diesel, Which Truck Is Right for You?

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At some point, everybody’s debated the merits of gas and diesel-powered engines. We explore the pros and cons.

The debate of gas versus diesel is an ancient one. Proponents of each engine type will defend their loyalty to the grave, refusing to even consider the benefits of the other. But you know what they say about opinions… everyone is going to show a little bias, no matter how good their intentions may be. So when we spotted this video from Big Truck Big RV debating the pros and cons of each, we knew it was worth a closer look.

If you plan on towing a large trailer or need a fifth wheel setup the answer is easy, but there are a lot of misconceptions about diesel engines out there. Many folks think that maintenance is significantly more expensive, but that simply isn’t the case. Sure, you have to add diesel exhaust fluid, but if you don’t tow a lot, you won’t be using much.

Gas vs Diesel

Oil changes are significantly more expensive, running between $100-$150. But you can greatly offset that expense by doing it yourself. And certainly top off the DEF fluid yourself at a gas station, rather than letting them charge you for doing so.

Aside from that, there aren’t a ton of differences between gas and diesel engines in regards to maintenance. The biggest difference between the two different kinds of trucks lies in towing capacity. Fuel economy in a non-towing, unloaded situation is pretty close for both. And of course, the cost of upgrading to a diesel as an option.

Opting for a diesel engine in a new truck will run you between $8,000 and $12,000. That seems like a lot, but keep in mind that the resale value of diesel trucks is significantly higher than gas-powered ones. So if you take care of your truck, you might be able to recoup that expense when you sell it or trade it in. For that reason, the narrator recommends that you buy a diesel truck if you can afford it.

If you can’t, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with gas. Modern gasoline powered-engines will run forever, and they’ll easily meet the needs of most truck owners. If you’re simply buying a daily driver that will occasionally make a trip to the dump or local lumber store, it’s really all you need.

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Gas or Diesel: Which Truck Is Right for You?

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