Moab Bronco Safari Looks like Loads of (Scary) Fun

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‘Hell’s Revenge’ more than lives up to its name, but this early Bronco conglomerate emerges unscathed.

These days, we’re facing a bit of an epidemic. First-gen Broncos are soaring in popularity and prices, placing these fun little rigs out of reach for most of us. And we think that’s a shame. The original Bronco is an amazing little off-road machine that was designed to go, well, off-road. Even though we dig high-dollar restomods with pretty paint and Coyote power, we don’t want to see a day when you won’t find any first-gen Broncos out on the trails. So we absolutely love events like the Wild Horses Bronco Tour.

That particular event just wrapped up after days of wheeling fun in the desert confines of Moab. For those not familiar with the challenging terrain offered up in this beautiful Utah-based park, suffice to say that it ain’t easy. But these early Broncos have no trouble conquering all of Moab’s most notorious obstacles. Including the appropriately named “Hell’s Revenge” and “Cliffhanger,” trails that leave most normal four-wheelers broken down and/or on their roof.

Moab Bronco Safari

But these courses were all in a day’s work for this Bronco conglomerate. Despite the age of these timeless classics, they are more than capable of conquering even the toughest conditions nature throws at them. Heck, if Broncos could talk, they’d probably exude more confidence than their drivers, that’s for sure. Because the humans behind the wheel admit that the whole thing was a “white-knuckle experience.”

Moab Bronco Safari

After watching these Broncos tackle Hell’s Revenge, we can’t blame them. It’s a bit scary to watch, even via the video above. But everybody (man and machine) made it out OK, and all admit that they’d do it again in a heartbeat. So if you’re on the fence over what sort of direction to go with your Bronco build, perhaps you should just do what Ford intended in the first place!

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