Classic Ford Broncos’ Coyote Restomod is the Ultimate Vintage Bronco

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If you’ve never heard of Classic Ford Broncos, I can’t blame you.  They’re a small shop with a small crew, following in the footsteps of companies that specialize in producing restomod versions of classic vehicles that combine impeccable attention to detail and modern driveability.

CFB is so small, in fact, that they are only taking single digit orders to add to their wait list.  So what makes these Broncos special enough to justify the wait and the $75,000-$125,000 price tag?  The retention of the Bronco’s classic looks, combined with the most modern mechanicals, all put together with obsessive craftsmanship.

The end result is a pretty truck, no doubt, but also one that is very driveable.  While CFB will build each Bronco to your specifications, their specialty is mating a new Coyote 5.0 with these vintage trucks.  The blue gem you see above and in the video is dubbed “San Francisco,” and it’s a nice representation of what can be done.

In addition to the modern drivetrain, this Bronco features a Vintage Air setup, upgraded suspension, and an interior worthy of an upmarket luxury car, stitched in ball glove leather.  With a sky high price tag of $150,00, this particular truck was fittingly sold to a hockey player.

Clearly, the price tag puts CFB’s Broncos out of most folk’s price range, but that’s really the point.  These trucks aren’t for everyone, but they sure are nice to look at.  And for those with the means to buy one, it might just represent the ultimate Bronco.

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