Maxlider Brothers Four-Door Bronco: Live From SEMA!

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FTE - Maxlider Brothers Customs - SEMA 2017

‘Four Horsemen’ is the four-door Bronco we’ve always dreamed of. And it looks even better in person!

This year’s SEMA show has yet to disappoint. We’ve seen more incredible Ford truck builds than we even imagined. And yet, it isn’t too hard to pick an early favorite. For us, it has to be the Maxlinder Brothers Customs four-door Bronco build dubbed ‘Four Horseman.’ We already suspected that the mad scientists behind the build, Erik and Kris Maxlinder, had something special on their hands when we first caught wind of the project. But now that we’ve seen this amazing four-door Bronco in the flesh, we’re certain of it.

FTE - Maxlider Brothers Customs - SEMA 2017

The Maxlinder bros’ inspiration behind the Four Horseman was simple, as a physical ‘thank you’ to Ford for bringing back the beloved Bronco in 2020. And yet, Ford never built a four-door Bronco. Nor do we know if they will in the future. But hey, Centurion and Magnum did it, so why not? In this case, they built one out of a first-gen Bronco, not a later model. And the results of their work make us wonder why no one’s ever tried it before!

FTE - Maxlider Brothers Customs - SEMA 2017

To construct this three-row, four-door beast, Maxlinder had to stretch the frame a full 26 inches. And lest you think this thing is nothing more than a speed bump away from a bent chassis, think again. The bros shipped it off to MJR Industries of Worden, Montana, who welded and reinforced the entire thing so it’s even stronger than the original, short wheelbase Bronco.

FTE - Maxlider Brothers Customs - SEMA 2017

Throw in a 600+ hp Roush supercharged Coyote 5.0-liter V8, and you’ve got a topless thrill ride for the whole family. Whether on or off the road, because you’ll also find top notch bits underneath from Fox, Yukon, and Currie Industries. It’s quite literally the perfect four-door Bronco. And sadly enough, it’s already sold. For, according to Erik, “About a quarter million.” But drooling over it in person (and in these pics)? Priceless.

Photos for Ford Truck Enthusiasts by Nolan Browning

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