Maxlider Brothers Four-Door Bronco Heads to SEMA

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Dubbed the ‘Four Horseman,’ this four-door, three-row Bronco is all about enjoying the great outdoors in the company of family and friends.

The Ford Bronco revolutionized the world by making the SUV “cool” in the eyes of both truck and car fanatics. Whether you liked sleek coupes or beefy trucks, the original Bronco seemed to mash the two and charm folks.

Unfortunately, Ford Motor Company never got around to building a four-door Bronco. Other companies like Centurion did, and they were quite successful, but Ford never jumped into the four-door bandwagon.

Maxlider Bronco

Thankfully, the guys at Maxlider Brothers Customs have made the impossible possible, and designed a first-generation four-door, three-row Ford Bronco! And yes, it will be present at the Yukon Gear & Axle booth at SEMA.

According to the brainchild of Maxlider Brothers Erik and Kris Barnlund, this project was conceived as a simple ‘thank you’ to Ford Motor Company for the 2020 return of the Bronco.

The tribute is based on the 1966 version of the Ford SUV, which had its wheelbase extended a whopping 26 inches in order to make room for the extra set of doors. The body was welded and reinforced to create an even stronger chassis structure than the original frame, and to provide torsional rigidity for the monster within.

“We wanted this Bronco to stand out as one of the most exotic and modern Bronco builds to date. Last year at SEMA, I saw some incredible Broncos, but we knew we could build something different that the world had never seen before. We also wanted tip our hat to Ford Motor Company on their own anticipated launch of the 2020 Bronco and show them what a throwback design could look like with 4 doors,” said Erik Barnlund, Co-owner, Maxlider Brothers Customs.

Maxlider Bronco

The Chicago-based customizers teamed up with Roush Performance to drop a Supercharged 5.0L Ford motor in the engine bay. The Coyote motor is capable of producing 600 horsepower, which is routed through an Advance Adapters Atlas II transfer case and Yukon Gear & Axle driveshafts, locking hubs and differentials.

Maxlider Bronco

Last but not least, the wheels and tires are part of the “Big Sexy” look they were going for, but they are also plenty functional. The Fox Racing Shox compliments the custom suspension by MJR Industries, which holds in place the BFGoodrich 37×12.5/20 Mud-Terrain tires and 20×12.5-inch Fuel Nutz wheels.

A family getaway in a four-door Bronco never sounded so good, right?

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