‘Rebelle’ Yell: Instagrammer Makes Her Raptor Rock Off-Road

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2017 Fod Raptor Prieto 1

Rebelle Rally hopeful Liana Prieto spends more time off-road than on-road with her Raptor. Now, that’s our kind of Ford truck enthusiast!

While scrolling through the Raptor hashtag on Instagram, we came across the account of truck enthusiast Liana Prieto, who owns a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. The truck has a great-looking color-shifting wrap, but it is no show truck, with this desert explorer spending more time in the dirt than on the pavement.

According to her Instagram, Prieto lives in the Los Angeles area, she enjoys exploring the desert and she has a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. She plans to participate in the Rebelle Rally later this year, but in the meantime, she is getting plenty of practice storming through the desert in her twin-turbocharged F-150.

Her Instagram account is packed with pictures of her off-road expeditions, many of which are possible thanks to her wicked Raptor. Along with the interesting scenes captured while exploring, there are tons of great shots of her F-150 in gorgeous settings around the American southwest. In fact, many of her pictures look like the could be from Ford Motor Company marketing materials — they’re that good.

Of course, mixed in with the shots of her Raptor and the unique desert settings, Prieto has a few pictures of herself with friends and family.

2017 Raptor Prieto 2

Prieto got her Raptor last April and since then, she has added a variety of modifications to make it a more useful vehicle for a desert explorer.

In addition to the cool color-shifting purple-to-green wrap, she has added a bed rack with a camper attachment on top, upgraded suspension bits and at some point, she will be getting a new front bumper, after tearing up the factory bumper during an off-roading expedition.

Raptor Off-Road Quad Shots

This lovely Instagramer bought her purpose-built F-150 to go off-roading and over the course of the past year, she has done a great job of showing off how a Raptor should be used.

Click here to check out her account and lots more pictures of this slick pickup.

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