Could Ford’s New Hybrid Pickup Truck Be a Ranger?

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Ranger Raptor

We recently speculated, and then learned, that Ford is working on a hybrid pickup truck that’ll be on sale by 2020. Based on the current offering of pickup trucks, one could assume that it’ll be a F-150. But there’s also a good possibility that a new Ranger will be on sale by then. Could the new hybrid truck that Ford is referring to be a Ranger-based truck and not a F-150-based truck?

According to Ford’s Mark Fields, the new hybrid truck would be a two-wheel drive offering. That makes sense, since the company doesn’t offering any four-wheel or all-wheel drive hybrids. We also assume that developing a system would be pretty expensive, even though Ford has said they’re dropping over $4 billion on vehicle electrification in the future.

A two-wheel drive work truck that runs errands and carries light loads would make even more sense in a Ranger than a F-150. Weight savings are key to any vehicle to improve economy, but a midsize truck would simply be lighter than a full-sized truck, saving more weight for the inevitable batteries that’ll be added.

We don’t know, for sure, a new Ranger is coming, but we wouldn’t be surprised that the hybrid truck that Ford recently talked about would be a Ranger.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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