NAILED IT! Ford CEO Mark Fields Confirms Hybrid Pickup Truck

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Shortly after the recent press event held at Dearborn for Ford, we speculated that a hybrid F-150 was probably in the works. With the company investing $4.5 billion in electrified vehicles, and with Fields stating that 13 new electrified vehicles were coming, it’d only make sense that one of them would be a hybrid. As it turns out, we were right. Ford’s Mark Fields just confirmed that a Ford hybrid pickup truck will be on sale by 2020.

According to Autoblog, Mr. Fields was doing an interview on NPR where he was asked about electrification and hybrids. He confirmed that a new Ford hybrid pickup truck would be on sale by 2020.

We can, at this point, assume he was referring to a F-150, since the company has not yet officially confirmed production of a new, US-bound Ford Ranger. But we could see the application being available in either model.

Pickup trucks aren’t always doing really heavy work. When they aren’t out doing the heavy work, they’re driving around delivering supplies and hauling personnel. Those tasks could be done with any vehicle, but since the pickup truck is already there, why not use it?

A hybrid pickup truck from Ford could be used for a lot of those tasks, some light truck work, and reduce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and save the fleet companies on overall fuel purchased. It seems like a no-brainer to us.

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