Hump Day Jump: See a Ford Bronco II Soar

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Ford Bronco II Jump

Tuff Trucks competitions are always a load of fun. All the big trucks, powerful engines, and high-flying action add up to a hell of a good time. Despite the commonplace, adrenaline-inducing flights, this Ford Bronco II certainly stole the show.

Though it starts out rather slow — mundane even — in the first few seconds, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Just keep your eyes on the screen, and wait for the second lap to begin. As the Bronco charges forward, you see him get some decent air and endure some rough, but stable, landings.

Even with this, it doesn’t quite prepare you for the level of over-confidence that the driver suddenly displays. Coming out of the turn, he seems to push the throttle to the floor (or close to it!). The jump is wonderful at first — flying majestically.

Of course, that doesn’t last for long, as in seconds he lands rather violently on the second hump. One would cross their fingers and hope that the truck would charge forward to victory, but sadly that is not the case. Despite the valiant effort, the Bronco seems thoroughly done for the day. Even so, one has to take some comfort in the fact that the jump was a glorious¬†feat. Toot your horn in the forum.>>

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