Watch a 2008 Ford F-450 Roast All Four Rear Tires

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While the Ford F-450 is one of the toughest, hardest working trucks sold in America, it is not typically one that you would expect to see doing something like a big nasty burnout.

Fortunately, the owner of this then-new 2008 F-450 doesn’t see any issue with roasting all four of the rear wheels in pretty epic fashion and thanks to the torque output of the 6.4L PowerStroke V8 – this heavy hauler has plenty of power to spin all four big rear skins.

While some folks might think that a truck like the 2008 Ford F-450 might need to be heavily modified to destroy four tires in a dual wheel setup, the video indicates that this truck only has 1,500 miles on it which to do so.

When combined with the relatively quiet tone of the PowerStroke diesel, it leads me to believe that this F-450 is doing this burnout in stock or near-stock form. In any case, it is an absolutely awesome burnout from a big, nasty Ford Super Duty and that’s hard not to love so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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