Go Broncos! Watch a 1966 Ford Commercial

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A lot has changed in the automotive world since 1966. However, to this day it’s still a good idea to make the truck-like vehicle you’re marketing attractive, versatile and rugged.

The following commercial for the 1966 Ford Bronco makes it look as if it has all three of those characteristics. Its straight, masculine lines fit its image as a “rough, tough, go-anywhere, climb-anything” rig.


I instantly wanted the Roadster model for its charming simplicity. Two other variants, the Sports Utility and the Wagon, were available to buyers who needed their Broncos for work or family duties, respectively.


The Blue Oval decided to show its horsey hauler getting some air time off road, which was bound to have appealed to people who enjoyed getting a little mud on their tires.

If only Ford would re-launch the Bronco in 2016, the year of its 50th birthday. Unfortunately, it’s already been gone for a long time and that’s one thing I don’t see changing any time soon in the automotive world.

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