HUMP DAY JUMP Watch an Explorer Try and Launch into the Sky

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FTE Jump

Now this looks painful.

It’s not uncommon for us to show jumps here on FTE. Well, to be honest, we have one every Hump Day. And this week is no different, aside from the video of course. We’ve seen anything from Rangers to an F-250 and even more take flight, and today we’ll be reverting back to a jumping favorite: The Ford Explorer.

Not everyone loves these cars, both new or old, but it would be tough to try and argue that they aren’t made to soar through the air. We’ve seen them in many situations — such as leaping off cliffs — but this is one that we will simply blame on driver incompetence, really. In the clip we see the Ford charging toward, well, a drop off. We’re sure he expected to get some air, but a little knick somewhere before the drop sent him up in a fashion that we hope he didn’t plan.

When he comes back to the ground, the front end of the Explorer seems deeply unhappy and the airbags deploy, which isn’t the first time, and the poor rig tumbles awkwardly back to earth.

So check out the video below and watch a Ford Explorer launch into the sky!

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