2017 Raptor Color Options are Coming Soon

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2017 Ford Raptor in Liquid Blue

When Ford debuted three new products for the Ford Performance line of vehicles, including the 2017 Raptor, they were all bathed in a color called Liquid Blue. Quite honestly, it was a stunning color. It looked the best on the Raptor, in my opinion, and I was saddened to learn that it wouldn’t make production.

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So what colors might make the actual production run for the Raptor? Would something like Nitrous Blue, an official color on the Focus RS (also a Ford Performance brand vehicle) be an option?

We asked Ford in a Twitter chat about the 2017 Raptor and was told that the final color palette is coming soon, but expect some interesting choices.


In addition to a stunning blue option, we’d like to see the return of Terrain to the new Raptor. I know some people didn’t care for the color, but it looked good clean or dirty, and really “fit in” when it was off-road. I’m hoping for some colors that pop in addition to the normal F-150 lineup of colors.

What color would you like to see on the new Raptor? Let us know in the forums!

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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