Half Motorcycle, Half Mercury Cougar, All Awesome

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wtf mate

I tend to follow the belief that if you have the ability to build a thing, you should build it; for nothing more than the experience if necessary.


Sadly, people who think like me also end up making me stare at my computer screen in utter bewilderment. Take this fine chap who decided that what he really needed was a late model Cougar/motorcycle hybrid.


In truth this thing is still mostly car with a full cab, dash, seating for two, and a nice big Chevy V8 powering the whole thing.


But up front is a single bike wheel and central headlight like a motorcycle. In a way it almost feels like a prototype for a Reliant Robin SS, or similarly zany creation.


The video of this thing provides basically no real information, but from the looks of things, this was a project that was at least constructed with some dedication and care.

There are a fair number of small details that show some thought went into this creation. Just check it out. It is hard to comprehend what this thing is without seeing it in motion.

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