Shelby and Ford. Two Peas in a Pod in a 1965 Documentary

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In the annals of motorsport, two names go together better than anything anyone could have imagined. Ford and Shelby. The pairing would spark a media frenzy that is still felt to this day. The GT40, the Shelby Cobra, and other Shelby models have become highly sought after, especially after Carroll passed away only a few short years ago.

However, that pairing didn’t start so easily. Ford, after losing out the bid on Ferrari, went after Ferrari at Le Mans. That said, Ford’s first few attempts weren’t all that successful, so Ford turned to Shelby to give him the last ditch effort. They won four consecutive years with the GT40 program and beat Enzo Ferrari.

During the early days though, Shelby the consummate hype man made this short little film about the partnership between himself and Ford. It’s an interesting take on a relationship we’ve know about for over 50 years. However, it goes into aspects of the lives of Carroll and his team that many didn’t get to see. Watch it here.

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