Teach Your Kid to Survive with Mad Max Power Wheels

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mad max power wheels

If you want to make sure your kid has a great birthday, holiday, other gift-giving celebration, but you want to ensure that they are also gaining valuable life skills and equipment, maybe take a look at these new Mad Max Power Wheels vehicles.

Based on the new Mad Max: Fury Road film, these kid-sized toys come with all the same equipment found on the real-life models like functioning weapons turrets, flaming exhaust pipes and more.

Don’t just teach little Billy or Tina about the impending apocalypse, let them start living it now so that they can learn necessary survival skills.

Sure this is all just a big joke created by the fine minds at Nerdist, but I kind of wish this was a real thing. I mean, not with a real functioning machine gun turret or anything, but just in looks. I think these are so cool, that I contemplated creating children just so I had a more legitimate excuse to purchase one.

Let the stupidity of that decision/brilliance of this marketing campaign sink in for a second.

If you are even minutely interested in the new Mad Max flick, you must give this video a watch. It is a perfect parody of many scenes from the theatrical trailer, and it will surely entertain you.

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