Gateway Bronco is Here to Fulfill Your Picky Classic 4×4 Desires

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You want a Bronco, I want a Bronco, she wants a Bronco, he wants a Bronco. EVERYBODY WANTS A BRONCO. Rightfully so, they’re badass, and with summer upon us, there’s even more desire to be riding high around lands where cars cannot go. Seth Burgett knows that passion well, so he decided to create a company built on the legendary 4×4. It’s called Gateway Bronco, and it offers three ways to get you into your favorite Ford. The best part? Gateway finds the classics for you.

First is the “Fuelie.” At $80,000, you get a Bronco with a fresh coat of paint in any color you choose, an all-leather interior, and a Ford Coyote 302-cubic-inch V8. Then there’s the Coyote Edition “Survivor,” which Gateway claims is its specialty. If you fork over $120,000, you get “a new truck with 40-year-old paint.” The Bronco undergoes a complete off-frame restoration gets the same Ford Coyote V8, the leather interior, and 4-wheel disc brakes.

Then there’s the “Warrior,” a resto-mod. If you love Broncos so much and are willing to give $160,000, Gateway does an off-frame restoration, drops in the Coyote V8, incorporates 4-link suspension, adds Wildwood brakes, and gives the interior the leather treatment, topped off with heated seats. It’s a lot of money, but that’s a hell of a ride you’re going to have.

“I love these old trucks,” Burgett told The Detroit News. “I love the way they make you feel. I love the places they allow me and my family to go. When I get in a first-generation Bronco, I think my heart rate goes down. It puts me in a happy state of mind, a relaxed state of mind — like going on vacation; that’s where it takes me.”

Us too, Seth. Us too.

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