1975 Ford Bronco Ranger – It’s Not Rust, It’s Patina

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bronco ranger

While most would say the paint is worn out and looking rough, I’d say this practically all-original 1975 Ford Bronco Ranger has some exquisite patina on its skin.

Featured in a recent Craigslist ad from Spokane, Washington, this cute little Ranger Bronco is looking to find another home, and by the looks of it, hopefully a home where it’s treated the same way it has for the last 41 years.

bronco ranger

In what could be the world’s shortest vehicle description on a Craigslist ad, the owner simply states, “Truck has on 64000 miles and is 99.9% Rust free. Jams, Inner fenders, floor boards, tailgate etc none. Auto trans, Power steering, manual brakes, dual tanks. Everything works. California Smog. Runs and drives out amazing.”

bronco ranger

While I’d never recommend to take a Craigslist seller’s word seriously, the four pictures posted along with the short description shed some light into the real condition of the truck. The seats look incredible, the fenders, wheels, and engine bits look original, and they very well could be given the claim this truck has only seen 64,000 miles of road its entire life.

The Ford 302 looks in pretty normal condition under the hood of this Bronco Ranger, and it seems to have been maintained, or at least cleaned periodically as nothing seems to be decayed or worn out from sitting in a garage for many years at a time. At least that’s what can be deducted form a 41-year old vehicle with 64,000 miles.

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