Four Chevy Silverados Demo a Dealership

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John Watson Chevrolet

I’m sure there are a million Chevy fans out there who think that the video below — of four Chevy Silverados helping demo a Chevy dealership — actually helps their “Chevy > Ford” argument. But all it really does is show us that Chevy builds some pretty weak dealerships.

Okay, all kidding aside, kudos to John Watson Chevrolet in Ogden, Utah, who pulled off quite the brilliant marketing stunt with this one.

In an effort to tear the old building down and make room for the new, they enlist some of their homegrown talent. They rig up each of the Silverados to one of four main pillars. Engines roar, tires hook (though not all of them), and the Chevys pull with all their might. They huff, and they puff, and they pull the dealership down. Or at least the pillars and part of the roof.

Impressive marketing indeed. Although you probably could of gotten the job done better with one good Super Duty.

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