Virtual Towing: New Super Duty Too Tough for Old Dyno

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2017 Super Duty Dyno Towing

The all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty, which is expected to debut this fall, has already proven to be too tough for the old dynamometer.

For the last 25-plus years, Ford engineers have use the same dynamometer sleds to simulate towing on steep mountain grades. Alas, the old sled didn’t fully challenge the remarkable power of the 2017 Super Duty, so Ford made a new one, which is 181-percent more challenging, raising the maximum drawbar pull from 2,000 pounds to 5,620.

Like the old sleds, the new dynamometer simulates steep climbs by providing pull against the truck.  The pull comes from a brake limiter, which mimics the effects of gravity on a steep hill.

Speaking of steep, the new dyno also recreates famous mountain climbs, like Davis Dam and Townes Pass. At Ford’s Arizona Proving Grounds, the new sled can simulate a 30 percent grade hill!

“The new Super Duty is really impressive,” says Ford product development engineer Jim Sumner in the press release. “In more than 25 years of doing this work, we used the same dyno, which did the job, but the new truck is so powerful we needed new equipment to test out its capability. The fact that even under full load, Super Duty didn’t have any trouble at all is a testament to just how capable this new truck is.”

Well, that’s exactly what we expect, right? And thanks to Ford’s commitment to rigorous testing, it looks like that’s exactly what we’re going to get.

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