Ford’s ‘First-Ever Experience’ Contest Can Help You Live Your Dream

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Ford F-150

Tell Ford that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, and they might just make your wish come true!

We’ve all got at least one thing we’ve dreamed of doing but never have. Oftentimes, reality keeps us from living that dream. Finances, family, and other harsh realities in life often prevent us from doing the things we want to do, and that’s a shame. Ford agrees, and that’s exactly why they’ve conjured up a new contest that aims to let you live out your dream — at their expense!

Ford EcoSport

The concept came from their marketing campaign surrounding the all-new Ford EcoSport crossover. Which is pretty genius when you think about it. The incredible popularity of small ‘utes is largely due to their usefulness and their capability to do things that passenger cars can’t. So to capitalize on that fact, Ford wants to grant one lucky person their “first-ever” experience.

To enter, all you have to do is head over to the “First-Ever Experiences” EcoSport site and fill out your information. Then, brush up on your writing skills because you’ve got to compose a 200 word or less essay describing one new experience or activity that you want to do, but have never done. Entries are judged based on creativity, originality, and just how compelling your story is.

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