Expert Woodwork Makes this 1954 Ford F-100 Amazing

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1954 Ford F-100

Gorgeous, expertly-crafted F-100 hearkens back to a time when people made things with their hands.

Many of us Ford fans obviously enjoy hobbies other than trucks. Perhaps you’re a golfer, toy train collector, or a professional beer drinker. But for us, woodwork always holds a place near and dear to our hearts. Many of us sanded our first piece of fine oak at a very young age, and the desire to build things with our hands never went away after that. But our skills are certainly nowhere near the level of a man named Trent Prezler.

And here is my number one most popular post of 2017: the day I added the first cedar boards to my truck. Happy New Year everybody, and thanks for following along on my journey. See you in 2018!🎊

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You see, Prezler crafts many things from wood, from fences to siding. But it’s his insanely beautiful $100,000 canoes that have garnered him features in publications such as Esquire and The Robb Report. But woodwork is just another passion that Prezler turned into a viable business. Because you see, he’s also the CEO of Long Island, New York-based winery Bedell Cellars. And, as it turns out, the multi-talented wine and wood guy is also a Ford truck fan.

Longing for the summer days tooling around town in my truck. This was one of my favorite mornings, a quick paddle in the bay before work. Repost from @boneonsports: One Road Ends, Another Begins.

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His shop truck of choice isn’t some new F-150 or Super Duty, however. It’s an old, green 1954 Ford F-100. Which, as you might imagine, sports a host of custom woodwork that gives the truck a very unique, hand crafted appearance. It’s somewhat of a throwback to times when more people made things with their hands, and we couldn’t be more enamored with it.

My 4th most popular post of 2017: Interior shot of my β€˜54 Ford showing the calfskin leather seat made by @cambridgeupholstery using @relicateleather; the two elements I made myself (Siberian Larch wood veneer headliner and cedar cookie floor mats); and walnut steering wheel I bought pre-made and installed myself. Couple days after this shot I also installed matching leather door panels to complete the interior restoration. πŸ’₯πŸ’…πŸΌ

A post shared by Trent Preszler, PhD (@preszlerwoodshop) on Dec 28, 2017 at 6:00am PST

The interior of this F-100 is nothing short of pure art, with a custom calfskin leather seat. Prezler, of course, added his own touch with a unique wood veneer headliner and cedar “cookie” floor mats. The result is perhaps the most unique (and most beautiful) interior jobs we’ve ever seen. Couple that with a hand made cedar bed and wine barrel on the outside, and you’ve got any craftsman’s dream truck. Not to mention a welcome flashback to times when people actually made things with their hands!

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