Ford Tortures Ranger in Thailand for Video Series

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If you are one of the many who hates the fact that Ford still won’t sell the incredible new Ranger in the U.S., you best skip this one and jump back into the forums. Ford is working on a Built Ford Tough video series that demonstrates just how capable its Ranger really is. The videos were filmed in Thailand, and they show the Ranger being basically the best damned truck ever created.

One video is about beating the truck on a job site. It features repeated cargo drops from nearly nine feet. It starts light with things like pallets of wood, but moves up to stacks of steel and concrete. All to test the payload and bed durability.

Then there is the towing video. Ford straps a ranger to a steel sled and fills it with huge stones, which the Ranger tows off with nary an issue. My personal favorites are the off-road demos. The first is a water crossing scenario that sees the ranger charge through an 8-inch pool at speed. Not much of a challenge, but fun to watch. Then things get crazy as Ford loads up the bed and sends the truck wading through 32-inches of muddy brown water.

ford-ranger-docu-5After the water demo, Ford puts its 4WD capabilities to the ultimate test as the truck is subjected to a 24-hour endurance blast that includes jungle tracking, high-rev driving for extended lengths of time, and then full payload and towing tests. All to stress the cooling and mechanical bits to their absolute limit. Check out the teaser at the Ford Malaysia Facebook page here.

But you are totally right, Ford. America doesn’t need or want a great mid-size truck this capable. After all, it’s not like the Chevy Colorado Diesel is selling well or anything… Oh wait…

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