Is the Ford Taurus Dead?

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2015 Ford Taurus SHO

Around here, we obviously cover trucks and SUVs pretty extensively, but Ford does make a complete lineup of cars that are designed for normal people. Many of those cars, including the Ford Fusion, are pretty darn good. But what about the Taurus? It seems to be one of the oldest, non-refreshed vehicles in their lineup, and now Automotive News is claiming it might be on its way out.

The Taurus was a bit of a wonder story for Alan Mulally. When he came into power at Ford, he immediately replaced the 500 with the new Taurus. But sales of big, non-luxury sedans haven’t rebounded with the rest of the automotive industry.

From Automotive News:

U.S. sales of the Taurus, like many large cars, are tanking, down 28 percent through July. Ford unveiled a redesigned Taurus in April but said it was designed only to be built and sold in China.

It doesn’t help that the interior of the Taurus feels smaller than the Fusion, which is a full class size smaller than the Taurus. Mid-size sedans keep getting larger, and it’s hard to convince someone to upgrade to a Taurus when a Fusion will fit their needs at less money.

We were also informed last week from a fan that the Ford Taurus Twitter profile has been deactivated. While that surely doesn’t mean anything, it’s also not a positive sign.

What do you think? Does the Taurus make sense anymore now that people are purchasing SUVs in droves? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums!

via [Automotive News]

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