Ford to Offer Friends and Family Pricing for Everyone

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There are a lot of ways to get people into the showroom to buy a new car. We just featured a dealership who invited you all to buy a whip so you can nae nae. But again, I digress. The real way to get people into the showroom is to offer a great deal, and Ford is planning on a big one.

According to Automotive News, dealerships nationwide will be offering Friends and Family pricing (also known as X-Plan) to everyone who walks in the door. There are many benefits of X-Plan pricing, including having the price and document fees set in stone, so you know exactly what you’re paying without negotiating.

That’s how this promotion will work, according to Automotive News. While it’s not as lucrative of a deal as employee pricing, it can save buyers hundreds or thousands of dollars without having to negotiate. You walk in, you see the price, you buy, you walk out with a good deal.


As with traditional X-Plan pricing, some dealerships might offer a better deal than what is available, so it might still not hurt to negotiate. But this is the biggest promotion Ford has had since the Great Recession, and that’s when they needed to sell cars because they weren’t making wheelbarrows full of cash.

They are, in fact, no making wheelbarrows full of cash, so this incentive might be a once-in-a-long-time opportunity. It’ll start on November 3rd, and run through January 4th. It’ll be supported by a huge, nationwide ad campaign.

Ford officially declined to comment to Automotive News, and said that they haven’t announced any promotions yet.

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