This 1988 Ford Truck Commercial is Chock Full of Wow

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1988 ford truck commercial

This week’s Throwback video features a Ford truck commercial for the 1988 model years. Like many of the Ford commercials from the 80s, this spot shows off a collection of trucks and SUVs available for 1988 and best of all, it shows them doing more than just cruising around town. We get to see the Ranger and Bronco II storming through the mud, a Bronco II and an F-150 climbing up a rocky hill, an F-150 blasting along the beach, through a field and through the woods and even an F-250 carrying another truck up a steep hill.

Of course, combined with all of these “wow demos” of the 1988 Ford truck lineup, this commercial shows these trucks traversing normal paved roads, showing that the Ford truck and SUV lineup back then could do it all – and with a jazzy jingle playing in the background.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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