Fire Department Saves Countless Thousands by Buying Ford Trucks

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Pennsylvania firefighters tap into the power — and reasonable cost — of the Blue Oval’s trucks in first major engine-fleet purchase in 25 years.

In an exemplary move, one Pennsylvania fire department is showing the way forward that helps its entire community. And, you guessed it, it involves Ford trucks.

The Ambridge Fire Department hadn’t updated any of its trucks in more than 25 years. Most of the fleet had been in service for nearly 50 years, and with prices of new fire trucks sitting well past the half-million mark, what is a cash-strapped local municipality to do?

Turn to the used market.

The Ambridge F.D. recently secured three used trucks and a 2017 Ford Explorer for the handsome sum of $600,000. When a single new ladder truck could cost as much as $800,000, it is hard to see any down side to the department’s choice. They managed to snag a 2008 ladder truck, a 2004 pumper truck, and a 1993 fire engine as a backup.


According to a report by Firehouse, that new Ford Explorer is also a key addition to the fleet and could be one of the most important machines in their new automotive arsenal. Not all fire response calls are for fires, and thus the main first-response vehicle is usually a passenger car because its size and mobility will make it faster than any full-size truck. These are the men first on the scene assessing situations, helping out with bad wrecks and generally assisting the community.

So, let’s recap what happened really quick. In the heart of Pennsylvania just outside Pittsburg, one small fire department completely upgraded its entire truck fleet, added a backup truck, and purchased a brand new Ford Explorer for emergency response duties. In the process, they managed to save tax payers more than a million dollars. We now have a safer community, better-equipped rescuers, and it was all managed for a reasonable cost.

Plus, think of all those school kids who will get to experience the amazing new Ford Explorer when the fire department comes to visit on demonstration day.

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