Ford Super Duty Gets Struck by Lightning, Owner Survives to Tell Story

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Texas truck owners gets a peek at new Ford Lightning, turns out he wants nothing to do with it.

The owner of Ford Super Duty was given a less than kind welcome, when he showed up to his construction site on a Saturday morning. Anthony Rubalcava hadn’t even exited his truck, when he was overcome by a bright light, a loud sound, and a sudden rise in temperature. In other words, his Ford truck had been struck by a lightning.

According to WFAARubalcava was actually taking a quick video of the work site as the lightning struck. As the video above explains, it wasn’t the actual truck that the energy ray struck, but his extended radio antenna he uses for work. The antenna is about 8 ft. tall, and is used for radio two-way communications.


The local fire department claims that they usually deal with such emergencies, but always on buildings — not vehicles. We searched for data regarding vehicles struck by lightning, but couldn’t find any. As you can see from the video, the damage to the truck was severe, and it’s most likely totaled.

“I guess in a way I feel blessed that it didn’t hit my side because I might not be standing here right now,” Anthony told WFAA.

Talk about a whole new meaning of the “Ford Lightning.”

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