Throwback Thursday: Save $750 on a 1982 Ford Truck

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Back in 1983, Ford resorted to big allowances and wacky commercials in order to move sheet metal off dealership lots.

Currently, the only Ford light trucks on sale are the F-150 and the Transit Connect, but back in 1981 and 1982, the Motor Company had a much larger spread of light trucks and vans.

This included the iconic F-150, the Bronco SUV, the Econoline vans, as well as the Courier small pickup, which was eventually replaced by the Ranger in 1983.

In order to make room for the 1983 models, Ford Motor Company offered a $750 discount on all 1981 or 1982 Ford light trucks and vans. In order to make the deal stand out when promoted on television, the automaker put together a fairly outrageous commercial.


This classic Ford truck ad footage comes courtesy of takutaq, and begins with an F-150 launching off of a jump and into a large net. Next, an F-150 climbs a massive pile of logs, because people do that all of the time, right? Then, we get to see a Bronco climbing up a muddy hill, but then an Econoline van oddly splitting in two, with the front end driving away. Say what?

Although the key purpose of this commercial was to promote the $750 discount, this classic Ford spot shows us how ridiculous truck advertisements were back in the 1980s. Enjoy!

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