HUMP DAY JUMP! Offroad First Gen Ford Bronco Soars

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FTE Jump

The only thing better than watching a Ford truck get airborne is watching a specially build old school Ford truck get airborne! After all, it’s one thing to see just any ride take the skies and lands neatly or not-so-neatly, and it’s another to see a classic truck beautifully created to handle the off-road environment leaping high into the air. While we certainly enjoy seeing any Ford truck have a bit of fun, there’s just something special about these antique vehicles proving their worth!

In today’s video we get to see a clean first generation Ford Bronco get airborne and land smoothly. The ride has clearly been built for off-roading, though its clean body would tell us differently! With so many of these outstanding rides disappearing every year, it’s certainly wonderful to see what that is not only well cared for, but also being put to good use!

Check out the video below and see this Bronco fly!

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