Watch Real Customers go Inside Ford’s Super Duty Manufacturing Plant

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Real Customers

We previously reports that in attempts of bonding with their customers, and solidifying the all-important customer loyalty, Ford invited a group of real customers to witness the 2017 Ford Super Duty’s production.

While the actual filming and documenting of their journey has been kept secret to most news outlets, Ford has been hard at work producing videos such as this one, that give us an excellent idea of what those influential customers got to experience.

Ranging from fleet managers, to company owners, Ford’s guest (and real customers) were able to witness the lengthy and tedious process that is assembling the new frame, marrying all the components, engine and eventually the body of the truck. After that, they rode shot-gun through stress and resistance testing at Ford’s proving grounds.

Real Customers

I’ve had a chance to visit a few plants myself, and they’re pretty awesome, but being able to submerge in the entire manufacturing process of a vehicle has got to be incredible, specially one as representative as this one.

You’ve seen the stats. The new Ford Super Duty is the smartest, toughest, and most capable Super Duty ever, and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one.

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