Ford F-150 Tremor Package Reportedly in the Works

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Ford F-150 Tremor

Fresh off the debut of the Super Duty Tremor, Ford Authority discovers that an F-150 is on the table, too.

These days, off-road focused vehicles are hot. Ford is obviously well aware of this fact, as it offers the FX4 package on all of its pickups. Not to mention the notoriously awesome F-150 Raptor. Ford also has a slew of off-road vehicles in the works, including the reborn Bronco and “Baby” Bronco. But there’s still a large gap in both price and equipment between the FX4 package and the Raptor. Thus, Ford recently announced that it was going to bridge that gap with a Tremor package for the 2020 Super Duty.

The Tremor package adds a host of upgrades, including 35-inch tires, a 2-inch level up front, progressive rate springs and 1.7-inch piston twin-tube dampers, a locking rear differential, Dana limited-slip front differential, new running boards, skid plates, and the Raptor’s Trail Control mode. It’s a nice in-between package, which makes you immediately think that this might also work very well on the F-150. And according to Ford Authority, that’s exactly what the Blue Oval is thinking, too.

Ford F-150 Tremor

FA reportedly figured this out after seeing what appeared to be a regular cab Raptor mule back in June. Many at the time thought this was a full-size Bronco mule, which would have been amazing. But they’ve since learned that the truck was actually an F-150 Tremor tester disguised as something altogether different.

According to FA, the F-150 Tremor would come with pretty much the same sort of equipment the Super Duty Tremor has. Both are designed to be more rock crawlers and trail blazers than the Raptor, which is a high-speed desert blaster. Apparently, the project isn’t 100% a go yet, but it’s most certainly “on the table.”

Ford F-150 Tremor

Honestly, the idea makes too much sense not to happen. The profit margin on these sorts of things is big, and the demand is certainly there. A Ford F-150 Tremor would give those who want more off-road capability than the FX4 package a nice compromise without having to dish out big bucks for a Raptor.

Regardless, FA doesn’t believe we would see an F-150 Tremor until the next generation debuts in the next 2-3 years. So no matter what, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see this awesome idea come to fruition, if it does at all.

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