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Ford Bronco Teaser

With a year to go before the newest edition of the bucking Bronco surfaces, a storm of hot rumors abounds. 

Saying goodbye to the Ford Bronco’s tradition of a solid straight six or Windsor V8s, the Bronco is getting the four-cylinder treatment. According to The Fast Lane Car, there are a lot of things to look forward to when the revived 4×4 makes its debut in 2020. So far, what is confirmed is that the Bronco will have the same engine seen in the new F-150 and the Edge ST: the turbo-four 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine, which isn’t bad for a truck based off of the Ranger’s platform. After all, the tree-hugging motor makes 335 hp with 380 ft lbs of torque. In conjunction with the 10-speed automatic it’s usually paired with, it’s an off-road ready truck that can directly take on the Jeep Wrangler.

Another cold, hard fact that TFLC presents is that Ford will¬†make a Raptor version of the Bronco. No one’s sure what the means for the engine choice, but there’s “talk” from Ford about equipping the monster with a 5.0 liter Coyote V8. Though, once again, that’s being swirled around and around in the storm of rumors. That’s not to say there isn’t a shred of hope for Ford V8 lovers, though – even the Raptor will be reunited with a mighty V8 thanks to popular demand. So, maybe if the people scream loud enough, Ford will hear their cries once again.

To be fair, Ford hasn’t quite killed V8s, so there’s reason to hang onto such a speculation. After all, Ford did recently announce a giant 7.3 liter V8 that’s to be fitted with the 2020 versions of the F-250 and F-350 Super Duty gas-powered trucks. The new Mustang Shelby GT500 is also expected to have a large V8 as well. Therefore, with these engines already planned to be produced and used, having one of these engines in the Bronco isn’t totally out of the question. To add more mystery to the story, there have also been prototypes spotted being tested off-road that are supposedly dubbed “Rock Monsters” by Ford, according to TFLC. This, in addition to V8’s on the table, make the Raptor Bronco even more plausible.

2004 Ford Bronco Concept

Now we get to what the truck is supposed to look like. The rumors around the aesthetics of the vehicle are probably the most uncertain. Ford fans are concerned about what they’ve seen so far. A large percentage of the public’s opinion hover around “it’s ugly.” This is thanks to several spy shots that have been published on every other automotive outlet. Solace, though, should be taken in the fact that what’s been seen are only test mules – and no car has ever been finalized looking identical to test mules. Personally, I hope the new Bronco looks like the 2004 concept that was unveiled (pictured above). It’s the perfect blend of the past with a futuristic twist. All that’s cemented is that it’ll be “boxy.”

However, to make matters even spicier, TFLC also revealed that the Bronco is expected to have a removable roof. Possibly even removable doors, too. Which makes the claim for the new truck being aimed at the Wrangler even more compelling. Although it should be said, that Broncos did used to come with removable tops back in the day. So, not only would the Bronco and Raptor Bronco be a refreshing update to the Ford lineup, it would be a nice homage to the fun, rambunctious SUV’s of Ford’s golden years.

Small off-road utility Ford

Once again, more speculation is on the table. According to The Fast Lane Car‘s multiple Ford sources, there’s also supposedly something in the wind about a “Maverick Bronco.” TFLC suspects that the “yet-to-be-named small off-road utility” on Ford’s media site (pictured above) is the public’s best idea as to what to expect. Though the name and the photo are vague, that’s another confirmed Ford teaser: there will be two Bronco versions: a Maverick version and a basic Bronco version.

Though, no one’s still 100 percent sure what the “Maverick” title means for the Bronco, either. The Fast Lane Car thinks it’s probably code for a base-trim model featuring the 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine. In all this speculation though, TFLC poses a great point: “So, there may be different engines and different names within the same model family, or there could be two separate models: Bronco Maverick and the ‘full-fledged’ Bronco.”

Between what the public knows, despite what TFLC‘s Ford sources say, there’s a lot that could change before the Bronco is actually released to the public. No engines, no body styles, no trim packages or transmission options have been confirmed. All we know is this: Ford is bringing back its bread-winning off-roader with the intention to beat the tar out of Jeeps. As an off-roader having pined after an ’86 Bronco II since my elementary days, I’m beyond excited to see what Ford comes up with.

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