Ford E-350 Diesel: A New Way to Camp Off-Road

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Not every Ford van is destined to be a hotel shuttle, or perform other mundane tasks. Some actually explore the great outdoors in style!

If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you’ve spent your fair share of time onboard a Ford E-Series van. Whether it be the current gasoline-powered E-350, or the now-defunct diesel E-350, you’re bound to have ridden in one to a hotel, rental car lot, or local excursion.

On the other hand, some E-350 vans have actually done something more meaningful with their lives. They’ve been lucky enough to be picked up by adventurous individuals, or selected by companies like Sportsmobile to be crafted into badass off-road warriors.


This video from the Motor Trend Channel, features another episode of Dirt Everyday, in which Fred and a representative from outfitter company get to explore this van inside and out. The 2010 E-350 shown here features a Power Stroke diesel motor which is no longer offered. In addition, it’s completely decked out with a 4×4 system, a winch, off-road lights and other gadgets to make it trail-capable.

Inside, the Ford van is equipped with a fridge, a stove, two beds, and other basic appliances to spend a comfortable time when traversing nature. In order to survive off the grid, it features a generator, solar panels, and fresh and gray water tanks for the sink and bathroom.

Watch the video and see it in action!

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