Ford F-450 Pulls a 40-Ton Semi Stuck in Mud (Video)

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Power isn’t everything, but it sure as hell helps. Watch this F-450 pull out all the stops and save a trucker’s day!

When it comes to new-ish YouTube channels, Big Truck Big RV is definitely one of our favorites. Featuring many how-tos and great consumer information, JJ (host) is always producing solid content for all truck owners, but especially Ford. Best of all, he does it with an air of humility and kindness, which is relatively unheard of in today’s instafamous society.

Today we bring you one of his latest videos, in which he uses his modified Ford F-450 to rescue an 80,000-pound tanker truck that is stuck in the mud. JJ just happened to cross the truck on his way to an errand, when he decided to be a helpful citizen and drag this tanker out of a soft patch of dirt.


Initially, the video can seem odd as there’s no real footage of the truck, or the hookup, or even the actual tow. The footage is recorded from a dash cam, so it’s not all too engaging. For a reason. Not only did JJ help save this driver hundreds and hundreds of dollars in tow bills, but he did everything he could to help preserve the guy’s dignity and pride by keeping his identity a secret.

Later on, he explains that the video was not designed to show off the powerful Power Stroke under the hood of his F-450, but to simply do the right thing. Of course, we know that the 6.7L Powerstroke makes more than 900 lb-ft of torque and that it certainly helped make this truck tug as easy as it looked.

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