Ford Donates All-New 2018 Expedition to Firefighter

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Ford Expedition

Dallas Cowboy Sean Lee Surprises Local Firefighter and Hometown Hero with 2018 Expedition

Some may see videos like the newly-released tear-jerker clip by the Ford as publicity stunts. In some way, they are. But, writing them off as “corporate procedures” would be to miss the entire point of the campaign, and also a huge mistake. Sure, massive companies like the Blue Oval often pull stunts, but in the end, they don’t have to. So that leaves us with an act of kindness toward a community or an individual that’s honest and appreciated.

That’s the case of Ford’s latest video featuring Dallas Cowboys player Sean Lee. Lee, along with Ford and many of his teammates, helped make over Dallas Fire Station 43 last year and donated time, effort and resources to give the local heroes the station they deserve. This time, the Cowboy was back, but for another honorable cause.

Garrett Rice is a firefighter at Fire Station 43. More importantly, he is the father of six kids, four of them adopted. He and his wife Jamie work hard to make ends meet, and spend all of their time helping their children grow in a loving home with good values. Rice also mentions how they always travel by road, as flying anywhere by plane is out of the question due to airfare costs.

I bet you know what happens next! Hint: It involves Sean Lee, a surprise, and maybe even a few tissues to wipe the tears away.

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