Bronco vs. F-250 at Big Block Dirt Drag Shootout

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Two Classic Ford Trucks Face Off in Trio of Dirt Drags, Leading to Some Great Racing Action

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video takes us to a dirt drag strip in Newtown, Virginia. This is a purpose-built dirt drag strip where race vehicles show off a unique combination of power and grip to get down the 300-foot track. And in these videos, a pair of old school Ford trucks are going head to head.


The details are limited, but we know from the brief description that the Ford Bronco II is powered by a 429 cubic inch big block V8. The 1979 Ford F-250 is powered by a 460 cubic inch big block V8. In one video, the description refers to the F-250 engine as being a “Cobra Jet.” But with the Cobra Jet Mustang engine from 1969 measuring 428 cubic inches, this truck either has a Cobra Jet engine or a 460, but not both. Our safe money is on this F-250 having a built 460 truck engine, not a super-rare engine from a highly sought-after classic Ford Mustang.

In any case, the big block Bronco II and the big block F-250 have both been worked to blast down the sand of the Newtown dirt drag strip — and they both perform their job very well. You might think that the smaller Bronco with the big engine would be the favorite, but you might be surprised at the results.

On the first run, the F-250 is in the far lane and the Bronco II is in the near lane. The Bronco appears to get out to a better start, pulling to slight lead, but the F-250 pulls ahead around half track and takes the winning, running a 5.51 to the Bronco’s 6.20.

On the second run, the F-250 moves to the near lane and the Bronco II jumps to the far lane. And although the little SUV appeared to get another jump, early traction issues gave the F-250 the win with a time of 5.58 to the Bronco’s 6.02.

On the final run, the F-250 gets out a bit quicker and the Bronco bounces hard at the line, giving the big Ford truck the definitive win with a time of 5.54 to the Bronco’s best time of the three at 5.98.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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