Ken Block and 2017 Ford Raptor Own Winter (Video)

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2017 Ford Raptor

Famous Hoonigan and Rally Driver Unleashes 2017 Raptor at Winter Wonderland

If you’re not familiar with Ken Block by now, it’s time to learn a few things. Professionally, he’s a rally car driver and co-owner of Hoonigan Industries. That being said, Block is probably best known for his Gymkhana videos, which display some seriously breathtaking rally car stunts, just like his latest Ford video featuring the 2017 Ford Raptor.

Block isn’t the kind of guy who allows obstacles — let alone winter — stand in his way. As a result, he’s made a living out of doing things that most would classify as recreational, and even insane. Besides rally racing, Block likes to do some extreme mountain biking, snowboarding and motocross, to name a few. After all, what’s a 26-time rally winner and part-owner of DC Shoes to do? Be a couch potato? Heck no!

The respected driver  played a crucial role in the development of the new Ford Focus RS, as well as the 2017 Raptor. As you can see from this video by Ford Performance, he really has come to terms with the performance and handling of the mighty pickup. Jumping hills, sliding around corners, and high-speed drifts? No problem! This serves as video evidence that the Raptor is the perfect winter toy.

Not just built for desert running, the new Raptor does pretty darn good in the white stuff as well. It’s enough to make us in the north reconsider our winter beaters. Perhaps it’s time to trade up?

While most of us dream of having such a job, enjoy the video and dream on!

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